Things You Need To Know During A Plumbing Emergency

A plumbing emergency can occur anytime. As the plumbing system is one of the most important aspects of every household, a damaged pipe or clogged drain can be stressful. In such times, you need to have some knowledge of fixing minor plumbing issues on your own. Also, some issues need professional attention. If you’re facing a plumbing emergency, you need to have some idea of how to approach a plumbing professional to do your task. If you delay the fix, it might turn out to be a much bigger problem in future. To help you out for such situations, we have mentioned a few steps that you must follow during a plumbing emergency. 

Follow These Steps During Plumbing Emergency 

Are you stressing a lot due to a plumbing emergency? If your answer is yes, we are here to let you know how to fix it as soon as possible. To avoid any hassle during such cases, follow these steps to fix the issue safely and quickly. 

Plumbing Emergency

Step One – Get in Touch with Emergency Plumber

Once you detect some plumbing issue in your own which isn’t minor, get in touch with a professional plumber. By calling them, you can also get an idea of your situation and if it can be fixed by you, they will guide you through the solution. If the problem is big and can cause health issues to you and your loved ones, they also let you know if you need to get out of the house or not. If you think that your plumbing problem is big, hurry up and hire a professional plumber as soon as you can. 

Step Two: Make Sure You Turn off Water Source

If there is a small leak, you can turn off the water source. Just turn off the valve of taps and toilet. If there is a large leak, you must turn off the main water source. To make sure the water source is turned off, check if the valve is in perpendicular to the pipe. 

Step Three: Give a Check on Hot Water System

If you notice a major Plumbing Emergency, you can turn off your water heater to prevent any further damage. By doing so, you also prevent it from overheating. If you have gas heaters, turn off the gas first to avoid any disaster.

Step Four: Apply Plumber Tape to Small Leaks

You can decrease small leaks just by applying plumbers tape to the problem area. You must also put a bucket under a leak to prevent water waste.

Step Five: Open Spigots & Remove Clogs

Remove resting water from pipes. Open outdoor spigots and turn on your hose to move water away from your pipelines. Always use a plunger to remove small clogs of the drain. 

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